Black Hummer Hire

Do you want to create buzzing phenomenal memories with Black H2 Hummer Hire poetically called Black Beauty? Are you an outgoing type who adores parties and festivities and is ready to dance to exhaustion? Do you enjoy catching delighted looks when you are riding a chic car? Our 14 Black Hummer Beauties from Melbourne are ready to brighten your festive type. Whether you have a bridal ceremony, house-warming party or bachelor party, you are welcome to feel through the magnificent humming experience.

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The technology of a standard Hummer is particularly impressive. A standard Hummer is literally cut in half and stretched 200 inches, thus they are called the H200. Our company is involved into transferring into Australia in a 40 foot container, which takes up to 6 weeks. After being cleared by Customs each Hummer Limousine is trucked to our engineering plant for right hand drive conversion.


At the same time a complete engineering feat is accomplished with the rear differential engineered to accommodate our “One of a kind” 4 wheel steering. The car is extremely manoeuvrable despite being a heave vehicle.


H2 Hummer Hire Melbourne offer extensive range of vehicles at Affordable price. The road experience with Hummer turns into impressive adventure filled with a plethora of positive emotions and a splash of delight. When you take the step into the car saloon, you will necessarily be impressed by the interior design and great amount of peculiarities. Here everything is thought out for your comfort and party mode. You can easily share glamorous photos from the luxurious adventure on wheels. It doesn’t matter whether you want a perfect vehicle for school balls, weddings, birthdays, night parties or other occasions you can never go wrong with our exceptional range of Hummer limousines. Hire the Black Limo today and guarantee a positive experience for your guests, nearest and dearest!


Hire one of these black beauties and enjoy an experience you will not forget in your life.

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